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The Cubes Project

The Cubes project consists of a framework, CubeFoundation, and a number of modules, or cubes.
At the moment CubeFoundation is released in a first alpha version and we are working hard on it's next release as well as on a few modules.

Cube Foundation - The Core Library

CubeFoundation is a framework for building application level logic components for web applications which require scalability and flexibility.
About Cube Foundation

Future extensions

There are a number of modules currently under development:
  • BlogCube - A module for blogs. A early version is used at our own blog,
  • ForumCube - A module for forums that will be able to handle very high traffic loads.
  • CommentCube - A module that will enable comments for any entity that implements the CubeFoundation.Entity.IEntity interface.

We also have plans to build a few other things in the near future:
  • A generic and extendable admin interface.
  • ImageCube - A module for images and image galleries. It will of course handle automatic creating of thumbnails in several proportions as well as with a set of basic filters.


The Cubes project is developed by Emil Cardell, a system developer working for Valtech ( in Stockholm, and Joel Abrahamsson, a system developer working for Nansen ( in Stockholm. The logotype is designed by Anders Adlén (

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